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All vaccinations are now arranged and provided by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board vaccination clinics rather than by individual GP practices. 

Routine childhood and adult vaccinations: 

The health board will contact you directly to arrange all routine vaccinations. For example seasonal flu, shingles or pneumococcal vaccines. 

Travel vaccinations:

Information and advice about travel including vaccinations is available on

If you require travel vaccinations please book an appointment at one of these clinics: 

If you live in North West Glasgow use Emcare Travel Clinic

0141 816 1002

If you live in any other area of Glasgow: City Doc

0141 673 3003 e-mail:

You can also ask your local pharmacist for advice.

Please be aware that some vaccinations and items such as malaria tablets are not provided on the NHS and will be subject to payment. 

Malaria tablets are available to purchase at pharmacies. 

Fear of Flying 

(Information adapted from "Fit For Travel" webpage)

Fear of flying is a common phobia to have.  If you suffer from fear of flying, the following tips might be useful:

  • Talk to your doctor prior to travel if you are concerned about your general fitness for air travel.
  • In severe cases, your doctor may be able to refer you for cognitive behavioural therapy in order to learn different ways to overcome your fears
  • Tell the cabin crew:
    • reassurance about routine aircraft sounds and inflight activities can help reassure you
  • On a flight, try distracting yourself by talking with other passengers, watching a film, listening to music or reading.

A number of airlines run courses aimed at alleviating fear of flying. Some of these are listed here:

Sedative medications can cause issues with onboard safety as well as potentially legal issues entering certain countries. These include benzodiazepines such as diazepam. These are contra-indicated in phobic states, so cannot safely be prescribed.   

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